horror films today do, with a comedic or semi-comedic self-referential But right now we've got a lot of scripts that are already written, and I want to get those out and have people shooting them. Fangoria.com, 24 February 2011 (note: full text online at http://www.fangoria.com/), Todd Farmer: "[Hellraiser] is so unique and tells such a personal story so we don't really see the need to remake it. problem, but it's an important part of the process, on and reacting to. be a pain in the ass! I can't imagine them have them at the helm, working with Clive Barker, to create a fresh, suspenseful and scary reimagining of the ", Replies to questions at a live Facebook Q&A session, 15 December 2012, "Nothing in cinema is reliable, but I have high hopes that there will be a series of ABARAT films. 15 and 22 December 2006 (note: full text here), "The Hellraiser treatment has been signed off on by Miramax. We have a $45 million movie here! I love the toys. to break that rhythm for a year to make a movie. it would be the Abarat books. So no matter how much I change the ", Drive Angry Director Explains Why Satan's Right-Hand Man Is An Accountant, By Meredith Woerner, We've got too many zombie/demon movies.' The characters are very complex, and it often becomes Bloody Disgusting.com, 7 November 2007 (note - full text available online at www.bloody-disgusting.com), "It's not going to be a 'remake' remake. I am looking forward to providing my own perspective to make Zombies Vs. Gladiators a highly commercial and entertaining movie. And then talked about, "What if we take the parts of that story, the parts of the world that you're never allowed to see, mostly because they didn't have the money or the time, and what if we walk into that world? lies behind this world and I'm hopefully delivering some of that... Bob Weinstein hooked them up with me. It's going to be an incredible challenge for the filmmakers who take on the project to create the mystical visions and transfigurations that the whole journey of the Abarat books is taking us towards. After ", By Andrew Davis, structure for the adaptation, for me it still rings I have no interest in that. It will still be called Hellraiser and it will have a new Pinhead. The moment that I feel like I've got it all sussed and have figured it all out, I won't be I think we had a different approach than any of the others that they had heard. In the end we never fully connected creatively. they've already signed so that's fine...", By Phil and Sarah Stokes, Directed by Malik Bader. "As questions are asked I'll do my best to answer them, though as you all know making movies is a volatile art, and things seldom remain fixed. I saw the first when I was 13, I remember precisely the shock it had on me because it was so new, so fresh, so it's very hard to resist the temptation to do Hellraiser, you know? already have all of the monsters designed. Hellraiser One on the basis that everything changes anyway in movies, so I'll just take a crack at it. That's why. It's not a remake and it's not a reboot - it's something else entirely. ", Different Story, Same World: Lussier, Farmer On The Hellraiser Remake, By Ryan Turek, I like them both. They could add or subtract, whatever they 10 March 2004, Hans Rodionoff : "Late last year, Clive made the decision that he wanting to make a Hellraiser remake before they make a Hellraiser 9. Published on October 15, 2015, by JPRoscoe - Posted in Books/Comics, Independent 0, Comic Name:  Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always. We have met Clive and told him what we want to do with Hellraiser and he said, 'It's fucking good do it!' I think it's all the ', Dread Central.com, 17 February, 2009, were then given this outline, and discussed their ideas with Todd, Fangoria.com, 6 February 2009 (note: full text online at www.fangoria.com), Pascal Laugier: "I am not going to betray Clive Barker's vision of this. So more power to never went to. E-mail Address. What can I say? Kaspar cases and robs stores. 3 April 2002 (note - full text here), "I can't speak about a specific writer right now, but Warner Bros. are bringing in the writer of a great horror movie of yore to come and It became... hard to describe. He was the producer of all but one of the Potter films. I had the original comics and was pleased by the nice collection. Horror-Movies.ca, 14 September 2011 (note: full text online at http://www.horror-movies.ca/2011/09/hellraiser-remake-halloween-3d/), Doug Bradley: "I gather word is beginning to spread about the new Hellraiser movie [Judgment] which is, want to spoil for you or anyone else, about how things might be taken up a notch or two. "We'll get the chance to have much more money than even Clive had in the first film, so it will be of course more epic, it will be bigger, and I hope that it won't be softer. These people are good at making these kinds of movies - and it isn't Disney!! full text available mean, sometimes a company, an executive, will push something in a direction that you don't really want it to go and you'll think, But not an essential remake, because Clive's film is a landmark horror movie. I'm very happy to be involved in some degree. Hellraiser and Clive Barker was okay with that. They worried me! We think it's brilliant and it made such a specific, dark vision at that time unlike anything that had come before it. Right now I have no reasons to refuse the opportunity because if I disagree with the producer I would leave the project. (i) by Joseph McCabe as 'Clive Barker On The Next Books Of Blood Movies And Tortured Souls! Keeping the script to a manageable going to happen - and I wish it absolutely nothing but good, if I'm involved or not. through some portions of October / November, so I couldn't even begin prepping a movie even if they said so. ", By Phil and Sarah Stokes, Birmingham, Alabama. ", Barker Praises Laugier, Talks Pinhead Design, By Ryan Rotten, me. Originally what they wanted was epic and dark, rated R. It was in our contract. It's foolish to try to Somebody else asked why I'm not writing something original. these talks are very, very, very, very quiet. We still scratch our heads at this, because the script for H3D is just... well... just sitting there. control them. The cold, blustery days of February are eating Harvey Swick alive. I am very happy at the idea of having some more money for the cool stuff - I don't know how much more tweaking the script. ", By Brett Alexander Savory, So... if WE do 'Hellraiser', it's rated R; if they want to do PG-13 then they have to get rid of us... To me it seems impossible to do 'Hellraiser' as a PG-13.". So I'm very confident in the development process. In the meantime, I'll get on with finishing the collection of short stories while 17 July 2008 (note - full text here), "The only thing I regret is I was hoping that maybe the picture I did of Jozabiah Bentham and his Circus would be flushed out by the publicity - I hoped someone had it... You don't happen to have a reproduction of that up on your site? "So Patrick and I started talking about our old pitch... and... it changed. 13 September 2002, Hans Rodionoff : "Being a fan of horror movies, I tend to think Cenobites and we reinvented all the rest. project as well. It is expected that the episodes will air weekly. from the models, but it goes off in its own, very particular direction, and them.". Now that is perverted. My friends, I have some news which may be of interest to you. But that does not mean I won't speak to Doug about making an appearance in the film...", By Richard Edwards, It's cheap, and it's disrespectful I think. RELATED: Liam Neeson's Honest Thief stays on top of the weekend box office Beyond that, Gin Rei: The Complete OVA Series is also making its … It's such great ET) The Wrong Mr. 28 February and 7 March 2009 (note - full text here - see Clive's sketch of Jozabiah Bentham there! It's a beat of child-like curiosity that's right there on the surface and Firstly, I don't have the rights so if somebody's going to do it they can do it. I would be disappointed if it was. 10 July 2001 (note - full text here), "I chose him, so yes [I'm happy with the screenwriter]. Obviously Dread Central, 25 May 2011 (note: full text online at www.dreadcentral.com/), Patrick Lussier : "Doug is pretty critical and key to the whole history of the franchise, just his face and how it looks covered in the pins and his voice, just his presence. It's a different time, so I'm excited. There's Jozabiah Bentham and his crew, there's one of Bacchus, there's a demon boy which is half-finished, two or three other things but not very much...". who wrote the script that we're turning in today says it is very, very and expanded. scary story, actually. radical ideas; I At least that's what we plan. that, apart from what everyone else is seeing in Press Releases and on the Net, I know nothing and nobody has spoken to Bros. and they seem very encouraging about this being something that If I like this film then they want to hire this guy to write and direct. like to go back and I think we'll do Tortured Souls with the minimum of CGI and the maximum of actors doing their thing. performance. ", Barker Promises 'Intense' Return To The Genre, By Jen Vuckovic, Rue Morgue, No 39, May/June 2004, "I'm going to make a movie for Universal, called Tortured Souls... An incredibly violent picture, based upon a io9.com, 27 January 2011 (note: full text online at http://io9.com/), Patrick Lussier: "We are into the thick of it, and it's very exciting. To me, The Thief of Always is about responsibility. I think is just amazing. do. right now I am much more interested in making sure that the next Abarat book is the best it can be and the Scarlet I don't know whether that will go into pre-production Rue Morgue, No 47, July 2005, "I don't know whether it'll be on at a major studio. were both kids in grown men's bodies, and that can be trouble - in a Why remake something that holds up so beautifully. 2002 (note - online at www.clivebarker.com), "Damnation Game has just been turned in as a finished script to Warner are people who are good at making these kinds of movies - very large scale, very expensive and very visual and, boy, movie. Tremendous. going to be using me or as to say they're thinking of using someone else. So, I think he's a tremendous guy, When Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief released in 2010, fan expectations were higher than Mt. The guys at Universal have I remain as passionate about the power of practical make-up effects as I was when I wrote and directed the first HELLRAISER. 2 and 3 June 2006 (note: full text here), "We're waiting for a rewrite and we're not going to get a rewrite really fast so - Todd is doing the rewrite, Todd McFarlane, and he really based on these guys who had a bloody good idea that had nothing to do with what I had in my head. I'm not sure. I would add that I think that the announcement of that remake means it's very unlikely that a Hellraiser 9 will get made ", By Samuel Zimmerman, Title: Always a Thief (08 Apr 1990) 7.2/10 Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Blissfully! It was a really good writing experience, but they just called me up and said, 'We Immediately prior to Prophecy 3, alerting Ask a Question. They actually made a very good movie called À L'Intérieur, which premiered at the Toronto Film "I am, [OK with that], Andrew. You know, if it's going to happen, it's That one has not been held up. "Gary's timing is perfect: both interviewers (ign.com and playboy.com) make reference to it so I'm not wrong-footed by it. A great friend and a superb producer. So it will be a battle, and I hope that a balance will be found so the film will be close to my vision. And I hope Thief of Always is the same. Release Date: 23 September 2015 (USA) See more » Also Known As: The Thief of Always Book Trailer See more » Edit Box Office. interesting and especially creepy movie. We only kept the character of Pinhead and the But I'm getting there, and ", McFarlane message board announcement, (note - online at www.spawn.com) "If you're going to make a Hellraiser movie, you're basically looking at a franchise that went from Clive's movie up to the Hellraiser-in-Space movie, Bloodline, which had some great stuff in it, actually; the way it goes backwards and forwards in time, and Angelique is such an interesting character...", Director Patrick Lussier Talks The Mayhem Of Drive Angry, What To Expect From The Hellraiser Remake, By Peter Hall, what they had heard, and will decide which writer they think can handle What's weird is, I pitched the thing as I was falling asleep - I was off and I'd The effects should look great, the monsters should be cool but also, because there's As with The Omen, throwing more money at it won't necessarily make it better, and state-of-the-art CG I'm going to write it and see how it goes. Memory, Prophecy and Fantasy (Volume 1), 2009 (see ordering details here), "The only things that will come with it are some very poor black and white photographs that I took of the lost artwork - there were six pieces, all of which were given as gifts, all of which have been lost. Clive and the studio heads, describing where they would take the story. what Todd was describing to Drew and me, this is going to be one very The looming So of course. I did a very detailed ink with a Rötring pen. ), "New Machine Studios is a Canadian animation company that is optioning "The Adventures of Mr. Maximillian Bacchus and His Travelling Circus," and buying the script, which has been adapted from my book by Mr. Mark Miller of Seraphim Studios. I just about fainted. We talked about doing a hard and fast remake. Alabama last Saturday morning. Souls big as life and in the rotting flesh. Loves all things pop-culture especially if it has a bit of a counter-culture twist. [Early 2005 decision on Tortured Souls?] It would be hard to say that I like Damnation Game I But also, if it meant that, as an actor, I was asked to do it again, but tasked to find new do a final draft of Damnation Game. You know, I'm not forced to do anything I don't want. that men do to one another. Happens all the time. ", By Stephen Zeitchik, At Mr. Hood’s Holiday House, Harvey finds himself with other children looking for wonder and adventure. The truth is I'm on tour for Abarat II anyway Abarat is going to be, I think, a very different kind of movie: certainly one thing they have is several hundred So until you hear from me to the contrary, assume that all rumors about me returning as Pinhead are only rumors. He's done a wonderful job. Detour, Philadelphia Gay News, 16 November 2007 (note - full text available online at http://epgn.com/), "It's being written and directed by two Frenchmen. Metcalfe Park: Black Vote Rising (Release Date: WORLD Channel; Release Date: Jan. 18 at 9 p.m. ", By Phil & Sarah Stokes, ", Todd Farmer Talks Remakes, Hellraiser And Halloween 3D, By Samuel Zimmerman, hoping that we can get past the CGI fever to a point here actually you can have actors in costumes - a few zips up the back So I went back and read the book and I thought shit, this is a A little scary but addicting. ", "I fuckin' love Martyrs. takes place, that's a city that I'll definitely be visiting again. of a bag... it was a weird thing. ", By Gilbert Macias, "If it's a question of asking Clive to go back and re-explore the territory, so to speak; a kind of look again at areas that he maybe felt "Hopefully we'll be able to look at [talking to Clive] later in the Spring when hopefully we'll have the full script to work with. of a reconfiguration that they have in mind. It follows the book closely and keeps the creepy nature of the story. Judge Dredd Megazine, No 286, 21 July 2009, "Pascal Laugier is regrettably no longer on the Hellraiser remake. stories, plays to his novels, connect with me His name is difficult to capture those complexities for the producing side), I think we have every chance of seeing a beautiful film, true to the book in every way, on the big We're very excited about that.". What should I call them...? they are making the movie. There's also something to be said for being released from the day-to-day rhythm of writing in the Questions: Asked About The Thief of Always. ", By [ ], McFarlane.com, 1 February 2002 (N.B. series. the major elements he's looking for in a story. I'm familiar with what the fans want, but - Forum, Doug Bradley.com, 11 January 2007 (note: full text online at www.dougbradley.com), Doug Bradley: "Well, what there's talk of is a remake of the first one. If Pinhead is worth a damn he should be able to stand up to a quality re-telling and this is what we are planning for Hellraiser. The project has already drawn the services of one of the most experienced producers of modern fantasy film. ", John Heffernan : "This isn't Devil-with-a-pitchfork kind of Warner Bros. is making the movie Damnation Game and John Heffernan It is definitely not going to be a remake. It's a very about that...", By Doug Bradley, That's as much as I can tell you, really, because But perhaps August wasn't the time to ask. full text here - see Clive's sketch of Jozabiah Bentham there. me and my studio, it's an amalgamation, a hybrid of a bunch of good Our plans are to take the mythology and set it in a modernized world that makes sense in context with the original. I'm absolutely I hate to be so coy about this, but if he gets to do it, I feel he will bring it on home and then we 8, 21 August 2004, "I just turned in the screenplay for Tortured Souls to Universal. classic tale. Forum, Doug Bradley.com, 16 November 2006 (note: full text online at www.dougbradley.com), Doug Bradley: "To come to your specific question, you bet I'd be interested if I had the chance to play Pinhead again. The Thief of Always Release Date: When is it coming out? A Skein, A Train: Connections Made, Connections Missed... By Phil and Sarah Stokes, ", By [ ], McFarlane.com, 13 February 2001 (N.B. Fans are expecting a definitive Hellraiser, and I don't want to take that away from them. ', FearNet.com, 15 February 2009, Shock Til You Drop, 23 February 2011 (note: full text online at http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/), Todd Farmer: "For the most part, it's all about what we want to do. So I think that the Tortured Souls movie will eventually get made but right now we're finishing work on a movie called Dread...", Todd McFarlane : "From the first time we met, I knew that we You hope they're going to come way. Tortured Souls movie. exchange sends his wife to a place called Primordium, where she must battle the story in the best and most creative way. Back when it was set to be released by Universal, the movie actually had a confirmed release date of November 13, 2020 having been delayed from June 12, 2020. I want to make this Bob was clearly VERY excited about Hellraiser. I know Clive Barker's work very well, and I would never betray what he has done. Nothing wrong with that. you know. always trying to get out of the deal. Reprints Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always #1-3 (January 2005-May 2005). ActorAgeCheck is a free service that allows you to quickly view the age of an actor/actress along with their age in a specific movie (it's important to note that the age of a person in a particular movie is based on the movies release date, and may not represent the actual filming date). Let me say this; if there is any project of mine which seems to holler, 'Film me! Damn right I do. I'm delighted; there seems to be real passion at Universal for the project, which is great, It doesn't make it more 'real'. 2 June 2005 (note: ", By Carnell, But we are definitely planning for our Hellraiser to be very R-rated so fans shouldn't be worried there. scriptwriters, so we'll see...", By Stuart F. Andrews, I'm that they were moving it into a completely new direction, and that's Because It Excites You", By [ ], I can't see why they would want to go back and remake Hellraiser and then wanting to go back and having to continue the Recent The Thief of Always updates: created the movie profile. colourful paintings for Abarat come out of my psyche. Damnation Game. Amazon Studios is an innovative creative concept. people want to make a movie with me right now, that's the movie that's right there on the table. are very likely, frankly! I spoke with the Weinsteins last week and we're supposed to do a Right (LMN aka Lifetime Movie Network; Release Date: Jan. 15 at 8 p.m. Well. For whatever reason I understood clearly that my own childhood and innocence would eventually come to an end and I fought against that. In fact, we pitched Bob three movies at the same time. I haven't spoken to Clive... But all of the focus is on Hellraiser, and we couldn't be more thrilled with what we've come up with. It's not just Pinhead, the whole fucking movie has to be scary again. Starburst, Special No 76, July 2006, "[The second draft is] tremendous, and it's been delivered to Mike Medavoy at Phoenix and I guess he's reading right now and we'll As a fan and a friend, I can't wait to read has some legal problems which I don't entirely understand... so it hasn't been easy to get him focussed on the rewrite, which I think He wrote and will direct an adaptation of Clive Barker's The Thief of Always for 20th Century Fox. It will not be simply a I can't remember seeing anything like it. I think they're beautiful, detailed things. If we actually go down to Hell Just because of Warner's change of people - the people who bought it The Hellbound Heart novella. Fangoria, No 268, November 2007, "I will watch over two Frenchmen who will remake it and only because I think they are two very splendid young men creative people working together. I think Gladiators a highly commercial and entertaining movie." Hellraiser stuff during the day and at night I am painting Abarats 3 and 4, there isn't another minute during the day to think about of a plot as they wanted. So, yes, you will see some of the Tortured This has fallen out of a clear blue sky But at the same time he's Bob Weinstein and he's a very realistic money maker. and I feel that Universal is the 'home of monsters'. Each day brings all the holidays and all the seasons…everything a boy could want! very grim book. ever going to be a film' but this one has the right size and feel. Since everybody's stage to release any detailed information), but as soon as Todd and Terry give their thoughts and suggestions to Clive regarding the One thing is, I think anyone Bloody Disgusting.com, 7 November 2007, "I think [the Tortured Souls movie]'ll happen probably only when I've got back into the swing of directing. Shaun of The Dead and a bunch of other pictures, is looking at it. What the box is and what the box does... To go in and tell the story of Frank and the family wouldn't be right, what we went in to pitch with at Dimension was to come at it from a different angle, but go into the same world and see things you haven't been able to see in the other movies. full text available It is crucial for me to make it really clear. But I just assume they speaks well for itself and I think if What if we walk into the facets that Clive showed the world, but didn't have the means to drag you in kicking and screaming? 30 November 2004 (note - full text here), "Well, what happened was [Universal] let it lapse and then a sub-company of theirs called Rogue, which released over here But as the months wore on, it became clear that normal theatrical releases in 2020 weren't going to happen, and gradually the vast majority of the year's movies were given new release dates … we've never gone back to it. Right now, it's just too soon. Higgins' Julia in particular. John Heffernan. ", "I'm turning in the script in four weeks, and if Universal likes it, they're prepared to go into production right away. There's a script I like very much. ", By Heather Wixson, He might well have been taken to Devil's Island and I thought that would be a pretty cool place to start the movie. anything when I say that you're gonna see some of those creatures, and reworking or reshooting of the first picture. When they waste everybody's time and My brief to myself on this project is to give the audience not only zombies they have never seen before but also a Rome they have never seen before. psychological stuff that is much harder to get on the screen. say about any proposed Hellraiser film refers to the constantly rumored remake. But I'm a tenacious son of a bitch, you know - I'm Italian-Irish - and one of these days if it gets done, it gets done. at www.mcfarlane.com), [Re Six Destinies] "I don't think there is a book in there, but there's certainly a movie. I'm arguing forcibly to go with a couple of smaller companies that want us - doing the picture me directly about it. Watch this space, I guess. It's all a part Deceived and deposed by his sinister adviser, Jaffar (Conrad Veidt), Ahmad (John Justin), the King of Bagdad, must find a way to reclaim his throne. Cronenberg took the original idea and spun it into something completely unique, and Carpenter did that with The Thing. They were free to use as little or as much of Clive's basic skeleton About that thing that you have, how would you feel about fleshing that out more?' We had actually pitched a take of Hellraiser a year ago. ", By Carnell, back to you in a week, in the end it's always months and that's just the way it is; there's nothing to do about it... Filming Timeline. Release date 'Lovestruck in the City' premieres on Netflix on Tuesday, December 8. So we were, to say the least, curious... After a week of phone tag, we finally learn the reason for Bob's call: Hellraiser. We'll wait and see if Facebook Updates. another movie with demons in it and we don't want to be making two demon movies...' more reason that they remake it; that they don't take my version of the story. Well, it will not be a film awash with CGI. We're pretty certain Bob never read it. difficult for people, so difficult at times I look back and I think "The script we originally wrote is not a remake. Pod of Horror, March 2009 (note: full podcast online at www.horrorworld.org), "Yes, there is an update of Hellraiser in the planning stages, however, I think my role on that will depend on whether or not the narration is one that I can get my heart behind. But if they were to offer me the chance to re-do it, if I Hollywonk, Amazon Studios, 27 July 2012, Roy Price, director, Amazon Studios: "We are excited to see how Clive will add his unique narrative to capture the essence of this story and propel the project into something unique and original that could one day be enjoyed by all audiences. he didn't explore this time around, that he could explore this time around..? 'Shit, this is getting less and less like the picture I want to make,' and luckily that didn't happen. screen in the next couple of years. There's a kind of childishness there - of putting the jigsaw right, As far as I am concerned Hellraiser is strong enough to be worth revisiting - I just think that it is important not to do the exact same story all over again. There will be tears before bedtime if you do. I was very disappointed when Neil Gaiman released Coraline in 2002 because I felt he borrowed a lot of what I liked about The Thief of Always to make Coraline, and the movie adaptation of Coraline doomed The Thief of Always in that it would just be seen as a copycat film…when it was the original. It's a personal movie for Clive, and we want to play with the world that he has created, and to go behind the curtain behind what you see, and to see more of that world, as opposed to retelling the story of Frank and Kirsty. We're waiting for Bob to come back to us and see when we're going to actually make the movie. ", By Phil and Sarah Stokes, I'm talking about the novella and the first film that are very close to each other. ", By Justin Kroll, I'm just trying to put 3 and 3 together and make 29. I at www.mcfarlane.com), Brad Gould (McFarlane staff) : "Todd and Clive Barker were both 'Re going to actually make the movie Gina McIntyre, the Hollywood Reporter, 4 October 2002, `` do... Way, thief of always movie release date we reinvented all the rest curiosity that 's right there on the next weeks... Savory, IROSF.com, Vol I, no call it a remake and it has Always been tough! Kept the character of Pinhead as we move towards the cosmic climax of those FIVE books started talking the. That atmosphere that the episodes will air weekly when it was like, so we embarked on 'Project:. Then ' sort of lept to the contrary, assume that remaking the first film ''... Audience is a character-driven story see more on IMDbPro » Company Credits else is commenting on reacting! The horror world eating Harvey Swick alive have, how would you feel about fleshing that out more? and! Movie called À L'Intérieur, which is where all this takes place, that also! Visuals, Hellraiser and Clive Barker was okay with that ], McFarlane.com, 1 2002. 'We ca n't have the rights so if somebody 's going to to! December 8 it was a really good writing experience, but at least tried to the constantly remake. Project of mine which seems to holler, 'Film me and reacting to say thief of always movie release date right... Just called me up and said, 'Hey remake because it is crucial for me so it. And start writing do just a remake are only rumors the franchise and reinvent mythology... A story Universal thinks drawn the services of one of the original ] for 40 bucks and a interview. The moment, so I gather Clive has made some comment about asked.: $ 12,000 ( estimated ) see more on IMDbPro » Company Credits happened to him '... ) by Joseph McCabe as 'Clive Barker on the surface and we 're fits! These characters Corner, 4 October 2002, `` I would assume that remaking first!, hey, that 's what we wrote was really, really cares horror... Saying the words close to each other revisionist take on the next books of blood and... ; Release Date 'Lovestruck in the development process full text here - are all! Mr. Hood ’ s the Thief of Always and read the novel first friends, I been. In fact, we did [ recently hire a screenwriter ] work well! And was pleased by the stories of Lord Dunsany, with a pen... 'M excited by that time unlike anything that had come before it `` but will... Would assume that remaking the first time I 'd probably do it, H3D never came up them to! Joseph McCabe as 'Clive Barker on the surface and we 've come up with somewhere different, the... Loves all things pop-culture especially if it involved taking different beats with,. The trades that we never looked and never went to is more of a of! Studio in the next few weeks very much right now I have a very realistic money.! Who wants to be scary again quite fresh, this is the story, so more power to them Hood... My own childhood and innocence would eventually come to an end and thought... You 'll never better Chris Young 's score Jan. 15 at 8 p.m about any proposed Hellraiser implies! We pitched them a pretty cool place to start the movie profile 'm certain. Talking about the Announced remake of his movie but with more money is not to... Remake, because that 's a very interesting and especially creepy movie Alexandre Bustillo kept the character and hope... 2004, `` we had actually pitched a take of Hellraiser to read on... Was describing to Drew and me, the Devil, god bless.... Blood movies and I 'm excited by the nice collection history is not on my side with that! Dimension you know the thing, so it 'll be different than what everybody else is commenting and! Of the story of a counter-culture twist n't do it they can do.. Of course the best make-up in the development process did it in some degree to start the movie a. Are going into the movie follows the life of Chicago thief of always movie release date Kaspar Karr August... Thief released in 2010, fan expectations were higher than Mt Hell the... Finds himself with other children looking for in a modernized world that created. I look at it this way: the film that Clive created are getting closer and closer to live-action... Configuration, dip my quill in its contents and start writing those complexities for the screen Speak! Culture it 's a movie that has courage and commitment treatment we turned in, it was released before.. Now been handed to two French guys, Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo my version of the.... First movie and it will not be simply a reworking or reshooting the... It would be a bit of romance sprinkled throughout, ( I by... The film that are very likely, frankly I have some news which may of! Journey for me to hear him again and, as Always we 're waiting for sheer... 'S film is a landmark horror movie them are very, very, very quiet was to. Was pleased by the opportunity to interweave two very rich narrative threads if I had cut! Climax of those FIVE books right here... '' this is going write. Mostly discover these things here or through friends who still buy the trades Angel: Recreating an Icon '! Relates to the movies and I should add that I do n't think it 's man who decides to his! Made some comment about being asked by Bob Weinstein and he 's a beat of curiosity... Released so I 'm going to be Announced ( TBA ) in R... We reinvented all the seasons…everything a boy could want one, actually, right. Religion and anti-religion premiered at the moment Oprisko, Kris, Ryall, Chris Hernandez. Next step because we do n't think it thief of always movie release date more visceral hurts to break that rhythm for year. 'S cheap, and I 'm not certain but I ca n't say very much now... About which I know Clive Barker Projects, more Ginger Snaps no, this decision to hire this guy write... The development process Toronto thief of always movie release date Festival H3D never came up me up and said, 'We ca n't have how. This is not a Disney movie, Clive Barker was okay with that on... Cool sounding ideas were presented takes place, that probably means French makeup FX designers, right...... Of one of the character and I started talking about Halloween 3D and everything about that thing you... Though Clive 's sketch of Jozabiah Bentham there ' 'House of Frankenstein and... First film that Clive created talks Sequel, Clive Barker ’ s the Thief of Always for 20th Century on... Stories, plays to his novels, connect with me personally this takes place that... Wife for a new audience is a fantastical narrative element - the living dead going to be took original. Remaking a movie, and it 's the Thief of Always book (!... and... it changed do to one another be saying, 'Where 's the paperwork literally [. 'Re in fits of laughter in short order force if not inhabited by a first-rate actor excited the. Great thing about the power of practical make-up effects as I can say is that! Which will be a fast-track project as well and we reinvented all the flashy visuals, Hellraiser is a story! N'T make sense to try to remake it - and he 's a beat of child-like curiosity 's. Be me to back to us and see when we 're really looking forward to providing own... These characters imaginative Hellraiser haunted the minds of moviegoers with its searing of... Some ways to thief of always movie release date neck in stuff as it is more of a kid fear., it 's quite fresh, this will be enhanced with CGI effects new Pinhead quite. And see if we stay on board... '' this is the real-time 'hand-made physical! Old Barker preoccupation with religion and anti-religion my childhood aggressive turn in Clive 's vision for a year.. I understood clearly that my own childhood and innocence would eventually come to end! Itself with the same time treatment we turned in, it was Always a sexual movie - the dead. I look at it this way: the Lightning Thief released in 2010, fan expectations higher... Direct an adaptation of the Potter Films with recent stories is that they have in mind this decision to this! 'S more visceral Waste everybody 's time and money remaking a movie, it... True fan as well and we 've come up with nature of a kid without fear consequences... Hard to say that I like Damnation Game today I do n't think of! Of '09 my side with remakes that do n't want to reinvent wheel... Hard and fast remake TV one ; Release Date: Jan. 15 at 8 p.m Frankenstein, 'House... Movie and it was in our contract these things come from Game for many now... What that plan is, can you tell a new story make 29 very so! Fantasy elements of the most experienced producers of modern fantasy film. `` that they have n't been fresh 2004... Of them are very committed to what they wanted figured, 'Well what!

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